What is PTI, nonprofit support services about?

Peter Schuyler Gottwald, Sr.

Since 1993, P. Schuyler Gottwald, Sr. has been the owner of PTI, a nonprofit support services provider. PTI handles full-service marketing, graphic design, web design, printing and mailing services for nonprofits only.

Mr. Gottwald, husband and father of three, was born in Akron, Ohio, raised in San Francisco, California and settled in the Wilmington Delaware area in 2003. In his free time, he is an avid horseman, hiker, skier and enjoys spending quality time with his family. He also spends time volunteering at local nonprofits with an emphasis on assisting the homeless and underprivileged families and individuals.

As a certified general C-63 contractor, Mr. Gottwald started his first company fabricating architectural signage in the San Francisco Bay Area. He handled the graphic design and fabrication of interior and exterior signage for hotels, offices, state and local parks using steel, aluminum, brass, copper and plexiglass materials utilizing silk screening techniques. Mr. Gottwald, always having a passion for the graphic design industry, transitioned into offset printing in the late 1980′s. Soon after, in an effort to give back, he made it his focus to work with only nonprofit organizations. His commitment to making this transition was sealed in his first foray into the industry. Mr. Gottwald said, ”My first nonprofit client was the Salvation Army and it was such a rewarding experience I stopped working with for profit corporations that day and never looked back”.

Working with nonprofits over the past 20 years, he has a full understanding of what is required for continued growth within this sector. Regardless of size, each nonprofit should always present itself with a professional and cohesive brand strategy that is supported by unique graphics that are consistent in all communication channels. This demonstrates stability and consistency, giving donors confidence in the long term commitment and strength of the nonprofit organization. Mr. Gottwald has served on committees and advised nonprofit boards to help guide them in the development of appropriate strategies to reach their goals. Through the implementation of strategic marketing plans, event tracking and identification of additional revenue streams, nonprofits can then be strongly positioned to achieve their goals.