PTI, nonprofit support services

PTI has been assisting nonprofits exclusively for the past 20 years. Originally located in Lafayette, CA., pti opened it’s doors in the Delaware Valley in 2003 while continuing their service nationwide. Proficient in strategic marketing, branding, graphic design, web design, printing and full mailing services, pti understands what it takes to strategize and facilitate growth by giving each nonprofit the tools they need to maneuver through today’s financial challenges.

Having a cohesive brand presence with unique graphic identification can help insure on going donor support as well successfully capturing new sources and revenue streams. To support this approach, pti does all creative work pro bono and sets up an identity guide to ensure proper branding techniques and a clear path for the future of your organization.

Regardless of the size of your nonprofit we are confident you will see savings across the board because of our pro bono programs and our cost-effective purchasing of materials model.

Why not save, so you can better help those you serve!

Please call PTI, nonprofit support services at 1-800-867-2608 for more information.